Internationally certified industrial work-wear
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RedStar Safety is a company of MSF Group, focusing entirely on industrial safety work-wear.

We have developed specialized fabric/clothing catering to various industries. These are as follows:

  • Basic Work Wear: Ideal for industrial workers requiring general safety
  • High- Visibility: Ideal for workers needing high visibility even in dark
  • Oil & Gas Safe: Ideal for industrial workers in oil & Gas industry
  • Metal splash Safe: Ideal for workers exposed to molten metal
  • Weld-safe: Ideal for workers performing welding works
  • Arc-Safe: Ideal for workers exposed to electric arcs
  • Al Safe: ideal for workers exposed to molten aluminum

Our products are certified from Oeko-Tex, NITRA, Shirley Technologies Ltd, SATRA, BTTG, NFPA, ASTM, KINECTRICS, ATIRA and SAMA ensuring the highest quality standards.

We are complying with relevant European and American standards for different kinds of fabrics.

Presently, we are exporting our products to Middle East, South Africa, Russia, USA, Canada and European Countries.

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